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Both moorhens and coots will dive for their food, like little grebes, although moorhens are just as happy dabbling on the surface and in shallow water.
From across the lake, a raft of coots swam toward them.
(Digenea: Strigeidae) from Black Coot Fulica atra (Rallidae) of Manchhar Lake, Sindh, Pakistan.
Table I.- Area, status and locations of various wetlands, surveyed for counting of coot.
With coots, a host chick may die for each parasitic chick that lives.
However, no increase in clinical signs or mortality rates was observed in the common coot population during the study period.
"It's kind of a skill to find coot clothes for cheap money," says Bettridge.
Which trail takes you closest to the eastern end of Coot Bay?
Yesterday (Post, Oct 13), true to form, he critisised someone for twice declaiming ' I come from haunts of coot and hern' which he maintained was incorrect.
I always thought P-town was going to be like the Village, where everybody's gay and trendy and coot but not friendly.
Stories like this are the stuff of legend, inspiring such movies as "Rudy" (talentless walk-on gets to play a couple of meaningless downs for the Notre Dame football team), "Breaking Away" (gutsy Hoosiers embarrass spoiled rich kids in Midwestern bike race) and "The Straight Story" (dying old coot crosses Iowa and Wisconsin in a lawn mower to say goodbye to his ailing brother).
Each chip has a 5 digit reference number to assist in finding the correct mixing formulae for the Permasolid HS Top Coot Series 650.
An old coot who can't help pointing to the Nobel on his resume and bemoaning his failures, he eventually finds himself the martyr of the rehab group.
Because the disease was discovered in bald eagles and coots, it was first referred to as Coot and Eagle Brain Lesion Syndrome (CEBLS).
If the grand prize at the end of your Senatorial campaign, election, and swearing-in is a big hug and slobbering kiss from that old states'-rights coot, you might reconsider and just run for the real power position, head of your local elections commission.