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the sound made by a pigeon

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speak softly or lovingly

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cry softly, as of pigeons

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This will be satisfied by the issue of 40m new ordinary shares, 30m of which will be issued to YA Global, the issue of 1.2m new ordinary shares to YA Global on the conversion of a loan of USD 150,000 made by YA Global to Coos Bay as full and final settlement of all obligations on that loan and the assumption of a loan of GBP 300,000 made by Cuart Investments PCC Ltd.
We sampled 35 locations in the Coos River drainage and collected Millicoma Dace from 26 of these locations (Fig.
Some of those interviewed said that the COO position is evolving from the number two spot to an "on demand" leadership role that changes focus with changing business strategy.
In the most positive case, what might be achieved between CEO and COO is the work arrangement that has come to be called "two in a box"--a situation where CEO and COO co-lead the company.
The quantifiable results corresponding to Figure 3 can be obtained based on the Euclidean distances between favourable COOs and respondents' nationalities.
In bringing on a COO, both the decision-making and the implementation processes are fraught with difficulty; the radial effects of failure are public and far reaching.
* Brain drain: "In the current market climate, I don't think that there are any more COOs," says SAP's Mike Campbell.
If they can't, the coho will be declared threatened, and mandatory requirements could force major changes throughout the watershed, from logging in the headwaters and farming along the lower reaches of the river, to shipping in the port of Coos Bay and recreational fishing, a mainstay of tourism along the state's southern coast.
Dan Stover, North Pacific's owner, says his company got its biggest boost through the Port of Coos Bay.
A Coos County sheriff's deputy was arrested, jailed, indicted and fired this week in connection with a domestic disturbance Sunday, according to a news release Wednesday from Coos County District Attorney R.
Lynch is proposing that the government provide a $1,000 credit against business taxes for each new job that pays twice the minimum wage in the Coos County, citing the economic hardship caused by the closing of local paper mills and a higher unemployment rate.
discussed this "unexplored structural form" in 2004 ("CEOs Who Have COOs: Contingency Analysis of an Unexplored Structural Form," Strategic Management Journal, October 2004).
Of 51 companies studied, about 55 percent had COOS in 1986; by 1999 that figure dropped to about 45 percent.
COOS BAY - A Coos Bay man was killed Saturday afternoon in a single-vehicle crash, according to a news release Sunday from the Oregon State Police.