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someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously

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According to the state coordinator, a robust and focused collaboration is the surest way to ensure the safety of consumers.
The political parties as such have to take responsibility of their coordinators and workers as the latter are selected, elected and paid by them.
Kollie Nah, Washington Bonah, Joseph Kolliemene and Dennis Childplay threatened to resist embattled Chairman Johnson whenever he attempts to host meeting with coordinators across the seven electoral districts in Bong County.
Under the supervision of nurse managers, each clinical coordinator coaches and mentors no more than 15 employees.
Interior CS Fred Matiang'i has redeployed regional coordinators and county commissioners across the 47 counties.
The parenting coordination process in British Columbia is fairly straightforward, and begins when the parents agree, or the court orders, that a parenting coordinator be retained.
"The path tends to shift [for] African-American coaches to position coaches that don't lead to being a coordinator."
Promotions include Anna Wagner to Acct Exec; Sarah King to PR Acct Coordinator; Anna Patiuk to PR Acct Coordinator; Stefanie Perez to Assoc Digital Producer; Jenna Wendinger to Acct Exec; and Micah Dahl to Senior Video Dir/Editor.
The role of a parenting coordinator includes the integration of skills and core knowledge drawn primarily from the areas of mental health, law, and conflict resolution.
In the EU's congested airports, the airport slot coordinator is in charge of allocating landing and take-off slots in a non-discriminatory and transparent way.
BFA's board member and Head of Media Committee, Ali Abdullah Basha, said he submitted a recommendation to the Management Council and the Competition Committee on the adoption of a media coordinator for each club during local competitions to ensure work accuracy and professionalism, and praised the cooperation and participation of Gulf unions and clubs representatives in this workshop.
Starting as a new procurement coordinator is quite challenging and understanding the complex processes in the world of organ transplantation can be overwhelming.
The university joins 22 higher education providers across the country to establish a formal link with the LTA and TF through the University Tennis Coordinator Programme.
Tajuddin Ansari, National Coordinator (OBCs) will be heading the delegation which will leave for Assam after Eid.
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