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serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction


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A justice zone is an area or locality, where a minimum number of inter-agency coordinative efforts are present rendering it fully compliant based on the rating system established by the JSCC.
The lawmaker said this is the first time that all the existing, coordinative bodies of NEDA are being recognized and institutionalized through the bill.
The edict stipulated the establishment of "The Higher Coordinative Committee between Municipal Councils and the Capital Board of Trustees and the Relevant Ministries" hereinafter referred to as the "Committee".
The aim of this study was to examine the results of a specific technical and coordinative soccer protocol program, using two different groups of young footballers, one control group and one training group.
He also praised the coordinative meetings between the two parties as they offer a direct communication channel for discussing new business that serves the interest of citizens and residents of the Emirate.
He said that mere Anti-Graft Agencies can't eliminate corruption unless and until all segments of the society come forward and make collective and coordinative efforts.
The fourth is creating a suitable environment to execute the plan through legislative, institutional, and coordinative measures.
MP of the BESA Movement interrupted "VMRO-DPMNE's circus" and urged parliamentary parties to a coordinative session on which he demanded that a final solution is found for the institutional cramp, reports TV SHENJA.
NNA - Foreign Affairs Minister, Gibran Bassil, considered the displaced Syrians case as a crisis enjoying an international nature and requiring an international coordinative response, adding that Lebanon has never used such case for the purpose of exercising economic blackmailing or political pressures against its partners.
He added that unlike the MMDA which is confined only to planning, monitoring and coordinative functions as well as regulatory and supervisory authority over the delivery of metro-wide services within the NCR, the proposed MMRA will be "vested with the police powers and other typical municipal powers, in addition to the administrative and coordinative functions of the MMDA."
With the future establishment of the regional coordinative body for dealing with elementary disasters, the cooperation in this field will be lifted to a better level
The Government formed Tuesday a coordinative body for management of the floods and appealed to all local subjects to put their mechanization at disposal.
Summary: DUBAI -- Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, presided over a coordinative meeting between the federal cabinet and the Dubai government departments on Wednesday.
A general dialogue titled "Parliaments within A World Full of Crisis," will be held in the conference, as well as, a coordinative meeting for chairmen of Arab councils.
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