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Synonyms for coordinating

serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction

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It was revealed at the COPE session on Thursday that 35 out of 85 coordinating officers continue to draw a monthly salary of Rs.250,000 including a fuel allowance.
Keshal Jayasinghe - Coordinating Secretary to the Minister and Coordinating Officer - Social Media
Odisha [India], October 4 ( ANI ): In a case of medical negligence, a new-born baby died on Tuesday after nurses in the hospital tried delivering the baby while coordinating with the surgeon over the phone.
Salman bin Hindi extended sincere thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership for the issuance of the cabinet's resolution establishing the second coordinating councils of the five governorates, noting that the move aims to consolidate the reform and nation-building process.
Jimmie Don Aycock, R-Killeen, tried to further rein in the agency's authority; it says that if powers aren't "expressly enumerated in statute," the coordinating board can't claim them.
Pallam Raju and IIM directors on March 19, the ministry agreed to significantly prune the composition of the IIM Coordinating Forum.
Fuming over how the leaders are characterized in the blueprint, coordinating board chairman Fred Heldenfels penned a letter--sent to legislative and community college leaders along with the blueprint--criticizing the report's methodology and conclusions.
Discussions relating to the consensual restructuring plan are underway and the Company and the Coordinating Committee are working expeditiously to achieve the best possible outcome for all of TID's relevant stakeholders.
"The defense coordinating officer is the focal point for requesting DOD support."
Sessions and papers include such topics as visual exploration, including creating methods of interactive visual analysis, coordinating linear and two-dimensional displays, and viewing medical data to expedite medical diagnosis; theory and techniques, including creating hierarchical linked views and integrating data and quality space interactions; applications and toolkits, including using the GAV toolkit for multiple linked views and performing an interactive cross-detector analysis of vortical flow data; and panel discussions on the state of the art in the field, criticism of coordinated multiple views, requirements for industrial applications, and the future of coordinated and multiple view research.
These factors included revising construction contractual requirements, requiring project waste management plans, coordinating with recyclers and tracking/reporting recycling performance.
While both of the naval vessels were discharged by their respective crewmembers, Zimmerman, a former Navy cargo operations officer, provided valuable assistance in coordinating pier side support.
NCBA and its state affiliates are coordinating efforts to help make that happen."
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