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"Our latest move to add leap second to the UAE standard time follows a decision by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (based at the Paris Observatory) in January 2015 to add a leap second to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) at the end of June this year."
They discuss time before the 20th century, solar time, ephemerides, variable earth time, earth rotation and polar motion, ephemeris time, relativity and time, dynamical and coordinate time scales, clock developments, microwave atomic clocks, optical atomic standards, the definition and role of a second, international atomic time, coordinated universal time, time in the solar system, time and frequency transfer, modern earth orientation, international activities, time applications, and the future of timekeeping.
Time stamps should be generated at the database, reconciled to coordinated universal time (UTC), and recorded with the client's local time zone offset (from UTC).
For world time, the user can choose from 26 cities and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) by just turning the dial disk using the crown to switch the city.
At first, the time moment UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) corresponding to the epoch UT1 should be calculated.
Government time is contributed to UTC time, also known as Coordinated Universal Time, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or Zulu time.
Once locked onto these signals it will deliver a precise 1PPS (Pulse Per Second) output aligned UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) signal at 3.3 VDC.
But most countries base their clocks on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which tracks Earth's daily rotation.
Both contribute time from their respective atomic clocks to an international pool that is used to define Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC from its French name), the official world time.
NIST and the USNO contribute time from their respective atomic clocks to an international pool that is used to define the official world time, Coordinated Universal Time. Users of the service will obtain a time reading that is accurate to within one second of the atomic time, depending on Internet delays.
All this despite the fact that GMT was replaced in 1972 by Coordinated Universal Time which relies on an atomic clock.
Interstate and global organizations need to focus on the correctness of local time, Coordinated Universal Time (CUT), leap year, time zones, and daylight savings time.
21 at 12:00, 12:15 and 12:20 coordinated universal time (UTC), JunoCam obtained the first images of the volcanic plumes on Io before the moon entered Jupiter's shadow.
A P-8I aircraft will be available from September 23 onwards, while, a civil aircraft is being tasked to be in the area by around 2:30 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
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