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Synonyms for coordinated

operating as a unit

being dexterous in the use of more than one set of muscle movements


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intentionally matched

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A lot of lines have not been that strong, but his is a fully coordinated program, and that's a big plus."
Across the Nation, examples of successful initiatives reinforce the importance of a coordinated response.
A principal role of the program can be described to include: identification of unique industry issues and coordinated issues; economic conditions in the industry; a description of the accounting or business practices peculiar to given industries; suggested audit procedures; computer programs which may have potential applications; guidelines for development of issues; and position papers on how each issue should be handled.
At Macy's Lenox Square, the chain's largest store in Atlanta, the coordinated Bath Shop was approximately 25 feet by 37 feet, crammed with about 10 Springs Industries and Home Innovations coordinates, in addition to a freestanding table display of four striped and 12 solid-color towels and accessories by Tommy Hilfiger.
The Border Coordinated Patrol, which is aimed at securing the common border between the two countries and curtailing maritime crimes including smuggling and piracy, was formally opened on May 2 at the Pinnacle Hotel, Davao City.
The Coordinated Health physicians work part-time at St.
Houston Methodist Coordinated Care (HMCC) is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) for Medicare Fee for Service patients.
Kerry, however, told reporters: "I think the critical thing is that all of the efforts need to be coordinated. This is not yet coordinated.
The Prime Minister also approved the list of government agencies and other organizations that will be supervised and coordinated by the Prime Minister, First Vic Prime Minister and Vice Prime Ministers.
In matrix Den, the analytic (literal) expressions of the coefficients [d.sub.i,j], [d.sub.i,i], [g.sub.i,e] are provided; their dislocation in this matrix is coordinated with dislocation of the elements of the second column of the matrix Mark.
[10] R.Akl, P.Kadiyala, M.Haider, "Non-uniform grid-based coordinated routing in wireless sensor network," Journal of sensors, Aug.
COORDINATED CUT'S debut at Doncaster today, for which he will carry the colours of St Leger-bound Monitor Closely has taken on extra significance after he raced to the head of the Investec Derby market yesterday, writes Tony Smurthwaite.
ARNORTH deployed its teams as part of a unified, coordinated federal effort to support the local and state officials leading the response, said Col.
Coordinated & multiple views in exploratory visualization; proceedings.
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