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Vectors of the position of the mass centers of the bodies projected in the reference coordinate system are: - for body 1:
Relative differences of the changes of the parameters of the considered indices determined for SE performed in the polar and rectangular coordinate system are shown in Table III.
The calibration of the visual coordinate system is composed of two parts: the position calibration and the direction calibration [10,11].
Defining [alpha]-[beta] as the two-phase stationary orthogonal coordinate system, its coordinate origin locates at the center of stator.
The robot coordinate system R should be established by the passive rigid body of the robot.
Suppose that the interface from free space to PML is the isosurface in the orthogonal curve coordinate system (as shown in Figure 1); if the parameters in UPML satisfy the similar condition in Cartesian coordinate system UPML, the incident electromagnetic waves from free space will pass through the interface without reflecting and attenuate rapidly inside the PML.
(3) Outer gimbal coordinate system O[x.sub.w][y.sub.w][z.sub.w]: the O[x.sub.w] -axis is perpendicular to the outer gimbal plane and points to the target.
Taking the derivative of both sides of (1) with respect to time, the relation between the velocity of [P.sub.G] in the optical flow sensor coordinate system and the velocity or the optical flow of p in the image plane [13] is obtained.
using a relevant coordinate system, fixed to a chosen pattern enables a recognition invariant against image rotation and translation.
In order to derive the kinematic equations of centrodes, coordinate transformation matrix is used to transform the points from moving coordinate system to fixed coordinate system, which is related to rotation angle and translation distance [24].
Specimen coordinate system is represented by [X.sup.P][Y.sup.P][Z.sup.P].
Methods: On the lateral surfaces of 40 adult skulls (19 male skulls and 21 female skulls), a rectangular coordinate system was defined to measure the x and y coordinates of two points: the ASTS and the squamosal-parietomastoid suture junction (SP).
Contact Load for a Single Ball and its Transformation to a Global Coordinate System
The first one is defined as the scalar product of two spatial vectors of voltage and current of the three-phase ESS presented, for example, in a coordinate system a, b, c, and the second one is the vector product of the same vectors:
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