coordinate clause

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a clause in a complex sentence that is grammatically equivalent to the main clause and that performs the same grammatical function

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Though originally designed for complex coordinate clauses, the notion of pivot also makes sense for complex subordinate clauses (e.g.
It means that Nuosu makes a difference between the clause-initial and clause-second position of the relative clause, a distinction that we have already encountered in Section 3.1 for coordinate clauses. Only in clause-initial position can the noun be relativized without being obliged to leave a pronoun in its original slot.
In spoken language, clauses are structured so that they are chained together in succession, in the form of coordinate clauses, frequently leading to very long utterances.
It is made up of a series of coordinate clauses, representing, in my opinion, life which lurches at us, camouflaging the one clause that will eventually kill us.
The seventh paper, "Coordinate clauses in AElfric's Catholic Homilies", is devoted to two types of coordinate clauses: coordinate main clauses and coordinate subordinate clauses.