coordinate bond

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a covalent bond in which both electrons are provided by one of the atoms


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A complexant such as HA (COOH, OH, or [NH.sub.2] groups) could easily replace the [H.sub.2]O molecules forming a coordinate bond with the gibbsite surface.
The reason for this increased decomposition temperature is attributed to the formation of the coordinate bond between copper and PVA/silica hybrid and the increased crystallinity of PVA, which increases the removal temperature of water molecular in PVA chains.
On the other hand, the values which around -40 kJ [mol.sup.-1] or more negative indicates that is corresponding to chemisorption process, which is attributed to the charge sharing or transfer processes from the inhibitor molecules to the metal surface in order to forming a sort of covalent or coordinate bonds [29-35].
It is suggested that these new peaks are related to -P-O-Zr bonds, likely representing simple and double coordinate bonds showed by Xie et al.
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