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one of the fixed reference lines of a coordinate system

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The Coulomb equation of motion of n-1 equal negative charges with the same mass and a positive charge is reduced by us to an equation of motion of a two-dimensional mechanical system with an equilibrium assuming that coordinates of the negative charges coincide with vertices of a regular polygon in planes perpendicular to a coordinate axis along which the positive charge moves.
(because the motor direction of athletes is opposite to that of Y axis, the velocity on Y axis in Fig 3 is negative).by analysing velocity variation trend of centre of weight in 3D system of coordinate, it is easy to conclude that variation trend of velocity diagram on every coordinate axis is basically consistent.
2, inside a deformation charge of this type the velocity field depends only on [x.sub.s], the coordinate axis perpendicular to the parallel fringes; i.e., [partial derivative]/ [partial derivative][x.sub.p] = 0 in the two-dimensional picture, where [x.sub.p] is the axis parallel to the fringes.
Coordinate system [S.sub.1] (O, [x.sub.1], [y.sub.1], [z.sub.1]) has the same origin as system [S.sub.F], and axis [z.sub.1] coincides with coordinate axis Z.
For endpoints set as [C.sub.p], the angle between each line and horizontal coordinate axis can be calculated by
Firstly, for each to-be-transformed quadrilateral frustum in the virtual space, define w to be the coordinate axis that is perpendicular to the inner and outer boundaries.
The primary requirement of distributed control is that the axes need to be coordinated, "What you need here is for the networks to be really fast" says Rahul Kulkarni, product manager for industrial data acquisition and control with National Instruments, "to be able to coordinate Axis A to do something now and Axis B to do its thing simultaneously.
Then, the component model is rotated so that the die parting direction is parallel to the Z coordinate axis. The bounding box of the component model is calculated and expanded to represent the die box, which is defined according to user-specified resolution of the dexel model and number of dexels in the die.
respectively express the differential rotation angle of each coordinate axis of the joint coordinate system relative to the system coordinate system.
Rotation of the screw causes the movement of the plane electrode 1 with the attached strip 7 in direction of coordinate axis y.
that is, suppose that the center of mass is fixed at the origin of the coordinate axis. Because the potential is singular when two particles have same position, it is natural to assume that the configuration avoids the collision set [DELTA] = {q = ([q.sub.1], ..., [q.sub.N]): [q.sub.j] = [q.sub.k] for some k [not equal to] j}.
where [u.sub.p] and [v.sub.p] are the undistortion image coordinates on the pixelplane projected from (4), [u.sub.d] and [v.sub.d] are the distortion image coordinates extracted from the board patterns, and [[delta].sub.u] and [[delta].sub.v] are deviations of the points on the coordinate axis U and V.
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