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It is a reiteration of the Filipino youth and people's fervent call to excise the rot that coopted a platform meant to allow youth participation in governance into a breeding ground for corruption.
Former Bridgend council Labour leader Jeff Jones, who now works as a local government consultant, said: "Bridgend currently has 12 non-elected coopted individuals sitting on committees.
"There is something fundamentally dishonest about people who have got coopted as independents then hood-winking communities."
While the artist has ordered bras, panties, and thongs from around the world, she is the sole proprietor of the business, creating an image for her own profit rather than being coopted by an international label to revamp its weary monogram and merchandise.
You may be afraid of being coopted. My response to thai concern is simply to ask: Why not co-opt them?
Long after other clergy have been driven away, killed, or coopted by the government, a lone and lonely alcoholic is the last priest in the region.
However, the neglect of social work is a glaring omission Indeed, several historically important social workers who have made a significant contribution to social development are coopted and described as sociologists.