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Synonyms for cooperator

an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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Riyadh has rejected accusations that the crown prince was involved.Footage from the police report shown on Turkish televisions showed a man believed to be a Khashoggi impersonator walking alongside a man police say is the "local cooperator" in thecase.
The Cooperator and its parent company, Yale Robbins Publications, knew it was time to offer a second opportunity for anyone involved in their building or association's day-to-day operations to take advantage of everything that has made the spring show such a must-attend event for so many years now.
Suppose, finally, that A (the cooperator) is not reported by his initial partner.
On the contrary, a cooperator who lost a small conflict of size k < [k.sub.c] may turn selfish with the probability r.
All earnings will remain with the cooperator so they can shoulder the cost of the next planting season, he says.
The contractor often hires dozens of cooperators or customer representatives to reach out to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and other nearby locations, to look for wealthy guests of VIP rooms.
Mitteldorf and Wilson [31] found that patches of cooperators were more favorable at the high density than patches of defectors if the population density was permitted to fluctuate.
They said Habibion and Motamedian told the cooperator to lie about Iran being the ultimate destination for the goods and counseled him to tell US law enforcement agents the goods remained in Dubai.
dealers have represented at least half of the cooperator
Cooperation Agreements - Formal written agreements in which the Enforcement Division agrees to recommend to the Commission that a cooperator receive credit for cooperating in investigations or related enforcement actions if the cooperator provides substantial assistance such as full and truthful information and testimony.
That person may then be turned into a cooperator. Prosecutors must work with allied law enforcement on decisions involving the reduction of charges, granting of immunity or other provision of incentives to the cooperator for his or her grand jury testimony.
Journalist Ethan Brown's book places the anti-snitching trend in its broader political and cultural context, arguing that it is "the poisoned fruit of two decades of highly punitive sentencing policy and the secretive, sprawling, and mostly unregulated cooperator and informant institution."
The National Cooperative Business Association has presented Donald Frederick the Honored Cooperator Award for his long career working with cooperatives while at the U.S.
She was Don Bosco's first and principal cooperator, and became the "cofounder" of the Salesian family.