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the trait of being cooperative

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This corresponds with findings in previous studies, where parents participated and assisted with comforting and supporting children, keeping children calm, reducing children's stress, and increasing children's cooperativeness (Coyne, 2015; Coyne & Cowley, 2007; de Melo et al., 2014).
Self-striving; S5-Enlightened second nature; Cooperativeness (C): C1-Social acceptance vs.
In sum, prior findings suggest that specific nonverbal behavior (e.g., high expressiveness, gaze behavior, and head-tilt) will lead to the attribution of cooperativeness, which recursively fosters the cooperation behavior of the interlocutor.
He examines the role of strategic focus in negotiations with potential for value creation and its association with outcomes for individual negotiators and dyads, arguing that negotiation requires the classification of behavior into strategic dimensions, and exploring how time pressure and task structure influence the effects of strategy focus, how dyadic negotiation strategy focus is linked to outcomes, the individual strategic approaches that allow for success, and the factors that influence the evolution of cooperativeness during negotiation.
inclusiveness, openness and cooperativeness for their partnership in development.
Cooperativeness (CO) is the ability to get along with other people by being tolerant, emphatic, helpful and forgiving.
Big countries cannot easily establish the coherence and cooperativeness of smaller countries such as Denmark and Singapore.
There are many challenges in front of us from the environment to economy to education, so the collaboration and the cooperativeness to work from nation-to-nation, government-to-government is going to be a good step in the right direction.
At a time when collective solidarity is put to the test, initiatives such as these are imperative to alleviate the strain and cultivate a culture of cooperativeness. The lack of basic necessities often pushes the hungry and needy into a vicious cycle of desperate habits.
In its April 2014 guidance, "Best Practices for Victim Response and Reporting of Cyber Incidents," the DOJ noted that "companies from regulated industries that cooperate with law enforcement may be viewed more favorably by regulators looking into a data breach." Similarly, the FTC recently advised in a blog post that a company's speed in alerting law enforcement to an attack and its level of cooperativeness will affect the way that regulators treat the business.
Past studies (e.g., Ramamoorthy & Carroll, 1998; Ramamoorthy & Flood, 2002; 2004) also indicated that individualistic cultures emphasize competitiveness and collectivistic cultures emphasize cooperativeness. However, Hui and Yee (1999) found that job satisfaction positively correlated with collectivism, which replicated earlier studies by Hui, Yee and Eastman (1995).
Far better to spend the time directly evaluating behavior of interest for the particular training program (e.g., fearfulness, aggressiveness, cooperativeness, etc.) the dog will undergo.
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