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in close cooperation

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* DUPLICATION OF EFFORT in a law firm or among law firms working cooperatively should not be billed.
First, he said, it is important to be prepared educationally, to know your stuff, then work cooperatively to encourage the free flow of ideas.
They found such scenarios among more than a dozen species of cooperatively breeding starlings in Africa.
Once the basic business terms of the lease were agreed upon, the parties all worked quickly and cooperatively to close the deal.
During one 50-minute session, students will: participate in critical discussions about their knowledge of Native Americans; work cooperatively in small groups; access and gather information from Internet Web sites about Native Americans; and share information with others through discussion.
These solutions will be co-marketed and sold based on IBM platforms and implemented cooperatively with IBM Global Services.
We believe current scientific evidence is not reliable and that a cooperatively developed sampling and analysis protocol will prove that U.S.
When an engagement possibility arises, a good strategy for a small firm is to call in experienced consultants from another firm to work cooperatively in a venture that satisfies the client and provides apprenticeship opportunities for staff members.
The program is cooperatively supported by groups from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, General Motors Corp and Modern Equipment Co.
2,111 crore were disbursed to cooperatively under developed states under various schemes, constituting about 59 percent of the disbursement made during the year.
The deal was certainly complicated, but everyone involved acted cooperatively and professionally to bring about a swift and successful conclusion." In addition to TIAA, other tenants at 750 Third Avenue include First Commercial Bank, RSM McGladery, Eisner LLP, BSI Investment Advisors, and Buckhingham Research Group.
Aether professional services took the time to understand our business and work cooperatively with us to thoroughly define our requirements - then delivered a powerful application using Aether's mobile technology.
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