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Synonyms for cooperation

joint work toward a common end

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The main reason for the failing of the cooperationist project seems to lie in the very idea of non-overlapping magisteria.
Scholars have suggested that Russia needs to adopt certain aspects of the cooperationist approach in order to redeem the damage to religious institutions by the Soviet regime.
The division in Mississippi found on one side cooperationist James Alcorn, who was raised in Kentucky, and on the other side secessionist Albert Gallatin Brown of South Carolina.
Historians of secession in Alabama have called attention to the positions taken by cooperationist candidates from north Alabama during the Secession Convention in Montgomery without closely considering the local political contexts that sent north Alabama cooperationists to the convention.
Although Cooperationists dominated voting in regional polling for the state secession convention, few white Alabamians from the northern counties were ever Unionists.
White interracial cooperationists did not campaign for the restoration of the black vote and they did not attempt to break down barriers between black and white schooling.
Rable begins his scholarly volume by placing the cooperationists and secessionists within the historical context of the antebellum period.
In state conventions in late 1850 and in the congressional and gubernatorial elections; of 1851, the cooperationists of the South--those who accepted the Compromise of 1850--dramatically triumphed.
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