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Synonyms for cooperation

Synonyms for cooperation

joint work toward a common end

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Yet, Rot at the Top is the dominant mythic image of our leaders (business and government) that we carry with us; cooperation among them, we feel, only becomes collusion aimed at the accumulation of power.
8- Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in animal health, animal production, and veterinary medications.
Monitoring helps manage those marginal stakeholders whose potential for threat or cooperation is low.
At the same time, according to experts, the parties must make a concerted effort to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, aimed at increasing the export-import operations and expansion of the range of goods.
The visit is aimed at identifying avenues for cooperation between the defence establishments of the two countries.
Cooperation initially will place additional time burdens on the auditors and examiners.
The UAW insurgent movement, New Directions, has a scathing analysis of the corrupting effects of cooperation.
At the same time, the nature, urgency, and speed of these changes call into question the value of continuing to invest in models of cooperation based on a predominantly print environment.
He added that the agreement includes cooperation in the field of tourism of the Syrian expatriates in Ecuador.
Ghandour said that the day which witnessed the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is a historical day in progress of the relations between Sudan and China.
In order to have further communication and cooperation with Milan, the Beijing-Milan Business Cooperation Meeting will be held on May 29th at the Milan Chamber of Commerce.
JAKARTA, Mar 19, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - The Indonesian government will always strive to increase its role in South-South and Triangular Cooperation, Foreign Minister Retno L.
Contract notice: Cooperation agreement for cooperation with a private health / care insurers and offering individually tailored insurance rates.
Professor of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Hua Yang called insufficient lawful guarantees in the sphere of competition as one of problems in energy cooperation among the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states at the Kyrgyz-Chinese forum on July 3 in Bishkek.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Federation Agriculture Minister Nikolay Fedorov and Iran's Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanayee exchanged views on ways to bolster agricultural cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.
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