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Synonyms for cooperation

Synonyms for cooperation

joint work toward a common end

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joint press statement on technical and intellectual cooperation
The purpose of cooperation among libraries has been summarized as providing "better, faster, easier access to more" (Allen, 1994, p.
But ask about the Administration's push for labor-management cooperation and Solomon's voice goes up a dozen decibels.
In 1986 the OCC asked the AICPA banking committee to help select a representative sample of banks across the country to participate in a pilot program for improving communication and cooperation between bank external auditors and bank examiners.
They are high on potential for threat but low on potential for cooperation.
Yet, Rot at the Top is the dominant mythic image of our leaders (business and government) that we carry with us; cooperation among them, we feel, only becomes collusion aimed at the accumulation of power.
The Baku statement envisages several grounds for cooperation in several sectors, including energy and tourism, Zarif said.
The 5th Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation is expected to be assessed by the Inter-ministerial Committee on International Cooperation at the beginning of next month as a previous formality before it is finally approved by the Council of Ministers.
AoviA that, in cooperation with the University, four projects were currently in the phase of realization.
1) Agreement on legal and judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters.
He underscored the need for increased cooperation between the two countries to make more progress.
The Business Council of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) established in 2006 with the composition of all national chambers of respective member countries SCO.
According to Foreign office statement, the three sides agreed that the aim of the trilateral practical cooperation is to support the peaceful reconstruction and economic development of Afghanistan, to further strengthen the relations and to promote cooperation among the three countries within the 'Belt and Road' and the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) frameworks.
During their conversation the two Ministers examined the next steps of the Greek-Bulgarian cooperation at both a bilateral and regional level.
HRH Prime Minister today received at Qudaibiya Palace Mayor Xu Qin of Shenzhen, China, and the accompanying delegation currently on a visit to the country to discuss investment cooperation and aspects of future partnerships.
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