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a raccoon cap with the tail hanging down the back


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FESS PARKER, who launched a craze for coonskin caps while playing famous American pioneers Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, has died of natural causes.
Many of today's adults, predominantly men, can recall fond childhood memories of playing Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, complete with coonskin cap and gun, or of joining with friends to play cops and robbers, pirates, Jedis, soldiers or spies.
A mother--young, pretty, blonde, wearing a blue cardigan, pearls, and a pleated skirt--is sitting on an armchair with her eight-year-old son, who is wearing dungarees (this predated jeans) with a five-inch cuff, a Brooklyn Dodgers T-shirt, and a coonskin cap.
remains as valid and relevant as ever" (206) may prompt me to leave my coonskin cap home in silent protest the next time I attend a performance of Shakespeare.
When Fess traded the coonskin cap for a corkscrew, it was good news for wine lovers.
Adults found this stuff terrifyingly incomprehensible, but kids adored it; toy companies took in $50 million a year from sales of Official Captain Video decoder rings, crash helmets, and atomic weapons long before Walt Disney went into the coonskin cap business.
When you see a coonskin cap--OK, so no one ever sees a coonskin cap anymore, but humor me--who do you think of?
Turning its back on the patriotic and legend-enhancing motivations of John Wayne and others who have put on a coonskin cap, this new version of "The Alamo" is a historically credible but overly prosaic account of the most celebrated episode in the creation of an Americanized Texas.
Because he is a showman, and because he is in the line of Daniel Boone, he wears a coonskin cap.
My eyes continued to scan the window until they landed on a genuine faux fur coonskin cap.
David was pleased that he shared a name with the king of the Alamo, and he slept wearing his coonskin cap for weeks.
Perhaps to convey that spirit, USA Today's graphic artists created a nifty, attention-grabbing pie chart superimposed on Davy Crockett's all-American coonskin cap.
Interestingly, David Crockett emerges as a serious leader rather than as a backwoodsman in a coonskin cap.
A coonskin cap and a bonnet hang on pegs near the tools.