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a raccoon cap with the tail hanging down the back


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This was followed with a remarkable series of films, such as Heavy Traffic (1973), Coonskin (1975), and Hey GoodLookin (1982), drawn from his experiences growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn.
8221; Directed by legendary animator Ralph Bakshi (Lord of the Rings, American Pop) the Coonskin DVD has become a collector's must have item of the year.
On December 23, 2011 Coonskin Coruz, a member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, presented an op-ed entitled Time has come for America to reconsider its position on the ICC.
Back then I dressed like Daniel Boone, from the moccasins on my feet to the coonskin cap on my head, so I figured that I'd better start cooking like him as well.
Faraway" (1952) depicts six-year-old Jamie sitting in a field in a coonskin cap with a distant look in his eyes (top, right).
When I get him, I'm going to have a coonskin cap made to hang over my fireplace.
The way in which the author deftly sketches out an era of hula-hoops and Groucho Marx hosting the game show, You Bet Your Life (1950-61), of Cold War anxieties and coonskin caps, is as captivating as it is informative.
The 76 million members of the post-World War II generation that caused a run on coonskin caps in the 1950s and fostered the counterculture of the 1960s and '70s are about to create a bulge in the over-65 population.
A Davy Crocker coonskin cap has for Burns the temporal pull of a Proustian cookie, and the audience most likely to appreciate the cascading detail in his narrative are grownups of his own advanced baby-boomer age willing to be pulled back with him to the analog America of their childhoods.
THE TOPIC: Fur, Dolin argues, played a major role in expanding the American frontier: one of the symbols of that expansion, Davy Crockett, is instantly recognized for his coonskin cap.
FESS PARKER, who launched a craze for coonskin caps while playing famous American pioneers Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, has died of natural causes.
You can also join a downhill ski host at the top of Coonskin Lift for a two-to four-hour exploration of ski trails and Telluride's colorful history (10 a.
Matheson, a costume historian, investigates why the sunbonnet, unlike the cowboy hat and the coonskin cap, has disappeared from contemporary Western clothing, even though its use persisted in pockets of the rural South into the 20th century.
And how dare they wear coonskin caps and leather breeches to the President's house
According to Louv's mythology," Cleary announces, "at that point [the 1950s] every child put on a coonskin cap and went barefoot into the woods to find themselves.