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any of several breeds of hound developed for hunting raccoons

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At last she found a home after the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue group posted a courtesy listing for me.
Delahunta, "Experimental coonhound paralysis: Animal model of guillain-barre syndrome," Neurology, vol.
Remembrances may be made in his name to the American Diabetes Association ( or the Northeast Coonhound Rescue (
A variety of breeds, including golden retrievers, Labradors, border collies, Tibetan terriers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Australian shepherds, dachshunds, Kerry blue terriers and a coonhound mix, visited the A and B Courts, the Library Reference Desk and the Office for Students with Disabilities on the Grayslake campus with their owners.
Will you be the one who this 5-year-old, treeing Walker coonhound bays for?
The coonhound mentioned by Mr, Easley is a lightly built animal.
The purebred Black and Tan Coonhound has now officially the Longest Ears on a Living Dog, at more than two foot long.
New York, Sept 7 (ANI): A black-and-tan coonhound from Colorado has just earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest ears of any dog.
The eight-year-old coonhound's ear-span is even greater than the height of the world's shortest man, Junrey Balawing, who is 23.5 inches tall.
The best coonhound I ever had needed little training to trail and tree raccoons in thick marshes and mud-bogged swamps.
In August, some 17,500 participants will visit the Wayne County Fairgrounds for the 2008 UKC Autumn Oaks National Coonhound event and another 1,000 will attend "Skydiving Boogie" at the Richmond Municipal Airport.
A 3-year-old male Coonhound presented to the clinic with an acute fever (T=104[degrees]F), anorexia, and lameness.
Black-and-tan coonhound A moderate-sized dog that is black with tan markings (see Figure 15-3).
Trainability is tested specifically in obedience trials, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests, field trials, agility trials, lure coursing, rally, hunting tests, herding trials, tracking tests, and coonhound and Earthdog events.