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Synonyms for coolness

Synonyms for coolness

Synonyms for coolness

calm and unruffled self-assurance

the property of being moderately cold

fearless self-possession in the face of danger

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14.4M * OTHER FEATURES AWARD OF MERIT Entry: Coolness Under Fire Winner: Tom Flynn Bechtel Group, Inc.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 16 (ANI): Actor Ranveer Singh on Wednesday posted a picture with the original 'Gully Boy' Naved Shaikh aka Naezy and has officially raised the coolness quotient up by a notch.
It's a play of warm, comforting cookies and the refreshing coolness of ice cream.
The veteran star - whose band had a string of hits including Call Me and The Tide Is High - oozes coolness and style.
So now they're trying to make coolness uncool and unnecessary for a president, even though I would imagine that coolness would be useful under certain tense presidential circumstances, say, like when Joe Biden drops the F bomb while shaking your hand on television, and you just smile and pretend you don't want to slap him.
Coolness O'Brien rides with the coolness and elan expected of someone who has grown up around some of the world's top thoroughbreds, so it's unlikely that he will be fazed at Newmarket.
The terse, formal manner of his photographs and videos heightens the dichotomy between a conceptual coolness and a warm and sensual physicality.
I MIGHT have to change my mind about Ahmed Ajtebi, as I have never really bought into the hype, and while you can't go overboard, his coolness in pressure situations has to be admired.
Lloyd Williams added the second with typical coolness and aplomb, but Nicky Woodrow's 80th-minute reply raised Morgan's blood pressure..
That we are still here after the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 is only because of the sheer coolness of President Kennedy in resisting his own chiefs of staff who wanted to invade the Cuban mainland, a lesson about the nature of war David Cameron really ought to have learnt long ago.
His famous 1997 piece "The Coolhunt" focused on consultants who attempt to monitor "coolness" as it is attached to--and detached from--consumer goods by a hierarchy of influential buyers.
I tried a cigarette at a party in 1992 but decided not to take it up as a full-time route to coolness after one drag made my throat feel like it was being torn apart by boiling hot sandpaper.
The CHROMOPHARE[R] D 660 and D 540 Surgical Lights incorporate the new BERCHTOLD Reflective Illumination Technology (BRITe[TM]), which provides 50 percent more total right while ensuring surgical site coolness. This halogen right technology utilizes a unique internal bulb coating which reflects radiant energy back to the bulb filament and generates more useful light.
A fully fit Cisse showed no guile, coolness or killer instinct, and he is certainly not a team player.
Hunter Braque is a Trendsetter - he is paid to spot coolness and to report back to "the client," who will market that coolness to Consumers.