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a cooling system used in industry to cool hot water (by partial evaporation) before reusing it as a coolant

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The cleanliness in the cooling tower is also important for other reasons.
An example of chiller system is used and the total power of chiller compressor, condenser water pump, chilled water pump and fan motors are minimized by optimizing cooling tower leaving temperature set point for both constant and variable condenser water flow scenarios.
At consenting facilities, ACHD staff selected a single, random cooling tower for testing if the facility had multiple cooling towers.
The modular MarleyA F400 Cooling Tower, for example, erects faster and requires less site lay-down area compared to traditional tower construction methods while offering the same powerful capabilities to keep up with large heat loads.
Because cooling tower violation fines range from $500-$2000, it is arguably cheaper for a large building owner to risk paying a handful of fines (if a city building inspector happens to find any violations), than it is to expend the resources required to ensure strict compliance with all of Local Law 77's complex guidelines.
An additional benefit to the modular design is that the cooling tower capacity can expand with the future needs of the property.
As the wind blows, exhaust air flow from both cooling tower rows is forced to bend downwards causing recirculation in the area between the two cooling towers rows.
The cooling towers in a building are associated with most of the recorded Legionella outbreaks.
A special configuration has to be designed in order to harness the maximum amount of energy from the cooling tower exhaust air.
Thus, study the intensity of sediments at the evaporation part of the water cooling tower and the distribution ratio of sediments mass between the condenser surface and cooling tower surfaces is actually.
The chiller also becomes necessary when a cooling tower cannot supply process-cooling water below the wet bulb temperature that it's capable of producing.
A replacement cooling tower installed at a UK-based injection moulding and extrusion firm is expected to generate savings of [pounds sterling]23,000 a year in electricity and other costs.
Cooling Tower Monitoring helps operators ensure that make-up water and chemical costs are optimised while minimising scaling and fouling of cooling water exchangers facility-wide.
At its most basic level, an induction furnace cooling system includes pumps circulating water through the furnace to absorb heat and on to a cooling tower where that heat is released.
The cool water is collected in the tank at the base of the cooling tower and then it is recycled.