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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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In the general case, the calculation of the temperature field over the thickness of the insulation when it is cooled is reduced to the specification of single-valued conditions: geometric conditions that characterize the shape and dimensions of the extruded conductive core; physical conditions characterizing thermal conductivity, heat capacity, density of the core, insulation and cooling medium, respectively; initial conditions characterizing the temperature distribution at the initial moment of time (at t = 0); boundary conditions characterizing the interaction of the extruded insulation under consideration with the environment [9].
'What it will only use as cooling medium is air-the air we breathe,' the young inventor said.
In fact, for minimal cooling medium temperature (25[degrees]C) and highest generator temperature (210[degrees]C), the CO[P.sub.cycle] = 0.99, 1.02, 1.03 and the CO[P.sub.system] = 0.57, 0.59, 0.6 for generator pressures at 198 kPa, 232 kPa, 272 kPa, respectively.
Air is the most obvious cooling medium since it is all around us.
These indirectly cool the water with a 25 percent propylene glycol solution that is ultimately used as the secondary cooling medium.
However, few experiments have considered the influence of temperature of the cooling medium and the different external constraint conditions because it is difficult to conduct.
Some of our innovations have been water distribution channel, durability, odourless cooling medium so as to get best cooling performance, high capacity submersible pump, remote operated air coolers, aerodynamic profile and a balanced fan for high air flow and less noise.
In these systems, air as the cooling medium is eliminated.
By the time the leak was discovered, the contraption had frittered away hundreds of dollars worth of the cooling medium. And the fishermen are now back to square one, trying to figure out how to pay an estimated $5,000 just to find the source of the problem.
"Our design calls for installing freeze pipes to prevent groundwater from seeping in." Ground freezing is a unique century-old process in which pipes, extending into the earth, circulate a cooling medium such as liquid nitrogen.
The oil temperature was 50[degrees]C checked by thermometer immersed in the cooling medium and will accept as constant in the oil tank.
The heating and cooling medium can be pumped through the interstice of the vessel.
Some of the cooling medium makes its way down to a dense disk surrounding this black hole, some of it goes into the black hole itself, and some of it is shot outward.
And then there are the environmental ramifications: emissions, cooling medium, site placement ...
The freezers use advanced mechanical refrigeration technology, offering advantages over units that rely on liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium. Additional features include greater temperature uniformity throughout the freezer and an interior that can store 21,600 samples.