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a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling

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Air is the most obvious cooling medium since it is all around us.
2]; [theta]s, [theta]0 are temperatures of cooling surface and cooling medium correspondingly, [degrees]C.
In these systems, air as the cooling medium is eliminated.
The heating and cooling medium can be pumped through the interstice of the vessel.
Some of the cooling medium makes its way down to a dense disk surrounding this black hole, some of it goes into the black hole itself, and some of it is shot outward.
And then there are the environmental ramifications: emissions, cooling medium, site placement .
The freezers use advanced mechanical refrigeration technology, offering advantages over units that rely on liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium.
Of Trains 2 Feed Stock To be Supplied from South--Pars Gas Field--Phase 12 Main Train Figures Feed Gas 955(Max) MMscf LNG Production 5 MTPA Propane Production 217 KTPA Butane Production 167 KPTA Condensate Production 158 KPTA Plant Main Characteristics Liquefaction technology Linde Mercaptan Removal Gas Phase(Molecular Sieve & Lurgi Purisol) Compressor Driver Electric Motor Sulphur Recovery Lurgi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH (Clause Process) Asid Gas Removal BASF (aMDEA) through Luegi Oel-Gas-Chemie GmbH Heating Medium Steam Cooling Medium Hybrid-sea Water & Air Power Generation Combined Cycle Power Plant LNG Tanks Three Full Containment Tanks, each 140,000 m3 LPG Tanks Two Full Containment Tanks, each 30,000 m3 Table 2: PARS LNG Project.
The engine series was introduced in 1988 as the 1011 and featured what was at that time an innovation in the industrial engine sector: the engine lube oil was used as cooling medium.
As device power levels increase, even small decreases in thermal resistance between the device and the cooling medium have a great effect.
Valves prevent product solidification ' and blockages with efficient valve jacketing for use with hot water, steam, or other appropriate heating or cooling medium.
The museum will tap into geothermal wells for its heating and cooling needs, using water from aquifers underneath Brooklyn as an efficient heating and cooling medium.
m] is the cooling medium temperature, t is the product temperature and [t.
The second issue I have is with the idea of utilizing the building plumbing sprinkler system as the cooling medium for the radiant cooling panels.