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(ethnic slur) an offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer

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By the Rig'lations you've got to tuck thim up for the night, or they'll be runnin' foul av my coolies an' makin' a shiverarium half through the counthry.
Tell those coolies to get up that sail," Charley finally called to me.
A thousand miles beyond the last mission station toiled her engineers and spies, clad as coolies, under the guise of itinerant merchants or proselytizing Buddhist priests, noting down the horse-power of every waterfall, the likely sites for factories, the heights of mountains and passes, the strategic advantages and weaknesses, the wealth of the farming valleys, the number of bullocks in a district or the number of labourers that could be collected by forced levies.
Destroy, as you have threatened, you United States, the ten million coolies we have forced upon your shores--why, the amount scarcely equals half of our excess birth rate for a year.
People who don't know a Chileno from a Kanaka can afford to hang out liberal ideas about Chinese immigration, but a fellow that has to fight for his bone with a lot of mongrel coolies hasn't any time for foolishness.
A man named Abelwhite, who had come out there as an indigo- planter, wanted an overseer to look after his coolies and keep them up to their work.
Having declared my intention not to drive but to walk down to the quay, I must render the wretched Steward justice that he bestirred himself to find me some coolies for the luggage.
The distance was some hundred yards; and then I found my coolies squatting on their heels.
It seems he had detained the coolies as suspicious characters, and had forbidden them the jetty.
The very gang of yellow coolies busy about the main hatch was less substantial than the stuff dreams are made of.
I had just finished writing "The End of the Tether" and was casting about for some subject which could be developed in a shorter form than the tales in the volume of "Youth" when the instance of a steamship full of returning coolies from Singapore to some port in northern China occurred to my recollection.
She approached the coolie union leaders and railway authorities who told her that after the death of a coolie, only the wife or adult children could get the licence.
COOLIE CUSTOMER: Hillary Clinton trying on a traditional Vietnamese hat; HAT A GIRL: Hillary and daughter Chelsea
Vali claims that he is telling it like it is and that white Canadians exhibit racism another way: "Nobody calling you nigger or coolie or names like that, but it's always inside them.
The history of Chinese in the Western Hemisphere is also one of persecution, especially the brutal coolie trade and pernicious living conditions and work in Peruvian guano caves and on Cuban sugar plantations.