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'We hope that the trade policy makers in the United States will be cool-headed and listen to the voice of US consumers...
What happened to this balanced and cool-headed approach to foreign policy?
Cool-headed Sally switched to a piece on Scottish artist Ken Currie, but she sighed as that froze too and said: "It's a wee bit of a dog's breakfast!" She then revealed there was an argument going on in the background before the piece on New Glasgow Boys artist Currie flickered into life.
Erdogan reiterated that Turkey would act in a "cool-headed" manner although it was "powerful, determined and experienced enough to make the culprits pay" for the attacks.
Islamabad, Sept 7(ANI): Pakistan captain Misbah ul-Haq's calm personality and cool-headed approach can only have a positive impact on the youngsters being introduced into the national team, former pace bowler Mohammad Akram has said.
Summary: England skipper John Terry thinks that his side's cool-headed response to pressure is proof of the progress made under Fabio Capello.
Separately, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, in Hanoi for a meeting of Asian and European foreign ministers, told his South Korean counterpart that China wants a ''calm and cool-headed'' approach on North Korea's nuclear test.
Reconnecting with the blogosphere this morning, I was most pleased to see Impolitical's cool-headed and (dare I say it?) right-thinking rebuttal of Tom Flanagan.
''We ask investors and market participants to take a cool-headed investment approach,'' Saito said in a statement.
When a cool-headed analysis like yours is undertaken, it's almost shocking to see how different the scientific conclusions are as compared to today's popular headlines, which are increasingly filled with politics and panic on this subject.
Though this latest project finds him on familiar territory programmatically, it transplants the cool-headed, social idealism of Scandinavia to the very different culture, context and climate of Amman.
Use the three C's tactic: calm, cool-headed communication.
Today, cool-headed and consistent approach to business have earned him the respect of his peers who value his views on the market.
PHYLLIS Logan plays a cool-headed detective in Beneath The Skin (ITV, Sunday and Monday).
How a life of lap dogs and thoughtful interior decorating came to include this single grisly act carried out with a cool-headed resolve belying the patriotic fervor that inspired it--is the story that will keep you pushhtg past pages of Who's Who Among the Dead Nobility.