cool off

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  • verb

Synonyms for cool off

become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation

lose intensity

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feel less enamoured of something or somebody

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2--Color in Conejo Edition only) Children cool off Tuesday in a public swimming pool in Simi Valley.
PHOTO (color) Youngsters at Northridge Park cool off in 100-degree weather by frolicking in and around the pool.
Swimmers cool off with a dip in the Mersey in the 1930s
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ten people drowned in Turkey over the weekend as crowds flocked to water to cool off at the end of a sweltering week.
New, Innovative, Icy Cold Personal Cooling Towelette, COOL OFF CAN HELP BEAT THE HEAT
But it wasn't only sweltering kids who needed to cool off.
A SUSPECTED drunken woman was rescued from the sea after she waded in to cool off from the heatwave.
There are a few things you can do to cool off cook offs.
The girls had to be physically separated by the show's male contestants before Diana left the house for a night to cool off with her boyfriend.
CHILDREN in Caernarfon found a new way to cool off in the hot weather yesterday with the switching on of the town's new fountains.
The feeling is even stronger today, but for more than a year we've been saying this seller's market surely must cool off soon, yet it keeps on going,'' said association president Jim Ezell.
PEOPLE who dive into quarries, rivers and canals to cool off are dicing with death, say safety experts.
Participants in a cheerleading camp cool off Thursday in the spray of a hose held by camp manager Kathy Crowley during a break from practicing routines on the University of Oregon campus.
The 16 year-old drowned trying to help a friend, Luke Pugh, 13, who had got into trouble after taking a dip to cool off in a fishing pool in Bilston, Wolverhampton.
In order to cool off the economy, the Reserve Bank is likely to raise interest rates as the year progresses, and that will cool off the heated growth in real estate sales registered in recent years.