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a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)

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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 20, 2019-: Wood-saving cookstoves are helping Zambia cut forest loss
The experiment showed that more than half of the intervention households bought an improved cookstove compared with zero purchases in the control villages.
The analysis only examines the cost of switching to an improved cookstove using the same type of wood fuel and does not examine switching to an alternative type of energy (e.g.
Vashon, WA, April 18, 2018 --( Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) announced BURN Manufacturing, makers of the JikokoaTM and KuniokoaTM cookstoves, has been awarded this year's Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers Award.
A continuing goal of this project is to work towards eliminating cultural barriers to an improved cookstove by employing community members of Solaipalem to finalize and mass produce an effective and affordable clean cookstove aligned with their cultural needs.
What were the challenges of designing and producing the cookstove?
Are the ISO clean cookstove standards or a comparable system recognized?
I have a small wood splitter that costs $300, and I do split some wood with a maul for my cookstove. Big rounds go in the front room stove without splitting.
Cookstove smoke contributes to a range of chronic illnesses and acute health impacts such as early childhood pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight.
The Ironheart's firebox is big by cookstove standards--about the size of a small heating stove.
It's hard to believe that this is what's melting the glaciers," says Veerabhadran Ramanathan, a leading climate scientist, as he walks among Kohlua's mudbrick huts, each with a small cookstove that pours soot into the atmosphere.
still might be a gully that naturally gathered that rusty cookstove past
This combination wok and cookstove, tagged with the Zappaesque name Moon Cooking Unit, is lightweight, simple to assemble, and easy to clean (it has a nonstick anodized surface).
So we begin and end, rushing like a river to Doomsday, planting squash and tomatoes for infamy, not appleseed, upon the hill tonight another sensitive lady will look into my window, she'll see lots of clutter, lots of loving, a house designed for summer living with several porches, a tin roof, a wood cookstove. All the loving will be ending, all the sweet things said and done: this is the promise of the promise, so it is written, fresh breezes blowing in from the Bay, dogs barking, the radio playing "Stardust" in the little silence remaining.