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an informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors

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In her remarks, Mr Niki Junichi, the Managing Director of West African Seasoning Company Limited (WASCO), which produces seasoning, said the cookout was aimed at sensitizing consumers on the use of the seasoning.
Massachusetts DOC staff enjoy a cookout during National Correctional Officer and Employee week at MCI Framingham and MCI Norfolk.
$500 for each pool sold during the Summer Beat the Heat Cookout will be donated to breast cancer research.
REGGAE CARIBBEAN COOKOUT St Paul's Church, Jewellery Quarter, Monday, 12 - 6pm This Bank Holiday special from 876 Street Foods sees Mr Jerk serving Authentic Caribbean curry goat, rice and peas, jerk chicken and pork.
156 million consumers, almost two thirds of the 156 million celebrants, will be attending a cookout, picnic or barbeque, according to the study.
"It was a beautiful day, and I was able to relax, run well, PR, and then have a fun cookout with my teammates as I watched the other races.'' The 16-year-old lists her hobbies as tennis and biking.
Saturday there is a Community Breakfast at 10am and a Community Cookout at 6pm, both at the Main Fire.
GRILLING SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER AND QUIRKY offers cookout accessories designed to make barbecuing easier for consumers.
Coast Guard icebreaker Healy staged a rave party inside the ship's helicopter hangar, complete with fog machines, throbbing music, fluorescent lights, twirling glow sticks, and a charcoal grill for an indoor cookout. WHOI biologist Carin Ashjian was chief scientist of the multi-institutional expedition to learn more about how the complex Arctic Ocean ecosystem works and how it may be affected by climate change.
The hotel is hosting a Super Bowl cookout for its guests on February 5, 2012, for watching the game and featuring chilli burgers, hot dogs and cool beverages offered by the Bistro at Courtyard.
* 81 million, the number of Americans who said they had taken part in a cookout during the previous year.
"So lets do it together, because I'm going to be posting my meal routines, workout plans, cookout tips and photos of myself to show my progress, "she added.
Pearl, 51, admitted in September to making illegal contact with recruits from a cookout he hosted for high school juniors, as well as misleading NCAA investigators.
So, the Girl Scouts helped by having a cookout, and we had a fundraiser at the park.
They promise to make appealing appetizers or entrees for your next cookout or beachside party!