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an apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc

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Put a cooking apple in with stored potatoes to stop them sprouting.
What's the odds she was telling whoever was on the other end of the line: "A woman just asked me for a cooking apple.
If you like a bit of history, head to Southwell, Nottinghamshire, where the most famous cooking apple originated.
The sharp tasting cooking apple is something that we do better than any other country.
Among the varieties is a sweet cooking apple, the Jumbo, which was introduced last year.
Ian Mitchell, chairman of the Bramley Campaign, said: "The competition is an excellent opportunity for catering students to demonstrate their culinary skills using the nation's favourite cooking apple.
uk (2) The humble cooking apple is being celebrated tomorrow in the Nottinghamshire town where it was first grown almost 200 years ago.
My own Howgate Wonder cooking apple is laden with large, clean fruits and with the late summer rains and sunshine, these have been swelling rapidly and are sure to be sweet this year.
A COOKING apple in a bag of potatoes may stop them sprouting because of a chemical reaction.
1 cooking apple of your choice, peeled and roughly diced
The best multiple retailer award goes to the chain that has done most to support Britain's renowned cooking apple - and which has seen sales grow on the back of its efforts.
4% incarnation it was always a bit rough and overpowering but this revised version is tastier with a sharp cooking apple flavour and is best served ice cold.
She asks: I need to replace a cooking apple tree in my garden.
You will need | 1 cooking apple per person | Demerara sugar | Sultanas, raisins or mixed dried fruit | Cinnamon or mixed spice Method Scoop out the core from the top of the apple, leaving a well.
Edward VII is a very late-season cooking apple and, when cooked, the fruit breaks down to a well-flavoured, reddish purAe - most unusual.