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having the same appearance (as if mass-produced)

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I sought someone who didn't fall back on cookie-cutter diagnoses because my history was anything but cookie-cutter.
Evidence of similar transactions, "cookie-cutter" documents, etc., may be cited by the IRS in an effort to rebut the taxpayer's arguments about why its specific situation, business purpose or profit motivation was unique.
Cookie-cutter apartment blocks dotted the landscape.
With constant changes in regulations and the multiple moving parts contained in these plan designs, there is no cookie-cutter formula for implementing and maintaining a company's NQDC program.
With all the things we have learned, we felt confident and able enough to move from urban Phoenix to central Minnesota, trading in our little cookie-cutter house for a 150-acre soon-to-be-organic farm with a sustainable house.
How can the IRS ensure the independence of Appeals (as mandated by RRA) while intimating that valuation disputes--which are inherently factual--can be resolved in a formulary, cookie-cutter manner?
The South London quartet's full-length debut (following several EP releases in the U.K.) brings a welcome burst of enthusiasm and creativity to the current major label epidemic of cookie-cutter garage and new wave-influenced rock outfits.
It is easy to picture the scene in motion and envision the cookie-cutter houses circling in lazy eddies, bumping into each other gently.
Jerry Duffy, vice president of Jefferson Leasing in Crofton, Md., says open-ended leases are superior to cookie-cutter closed-end leases for several reasons.
Using the cookie-cutter, cut out a star shape from four of the bread slices.
Kids Who Think Outside The Box: Helping Your Unique Child Thrive In A Cookie-cutter World is inspirational.
Travis will be a great future gay leader for posing the hard questions, for speaking his mind, and for not taking the same cookie-cutter gay stance on every issue that we all seem forced into for fear of not being "gay" enough.
Such software is obviously already used to some extent, but so far, at best, it is only used effectively on cookie-cutter business.
Fuel was added to this fire by a bevy of cookie-cutter solutions offered by the big management consulting firms, which possessed (and still possess) even less knowledge and awareness of our industry than those inexperienced MBAs who now are left holding the proverbial bag.
"People are resisting the cookie-cutter style of processing and packaging that occurs with large agribusinesses," says Horan.