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having the same appearance (as if mass-produced)

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If a company has human underwriters, it makes sense to use their valuable thinking skills beyond cookie-cutter accounts.
It has, however, produced a positive impact on participating officers that was sorely lacking with previous cookie-cutter community policing efforts.
ITT Sheraton is a unique global hotel company offering the consistency of service and facilities a traveler wants, but with none of the cookie-cutter blandness associated with a chain.
The building promotes stronger tenant identity compared against larger cookie-cutter buildings where a small-to-mid-sized company gets lost.
The 90,000 s/f, eight-story building features 140 units, in a wide range of floor plans providing buyers with condominiums that are anything but cookie-cutter.
Maybe it's because we're all seasoned musicians and most people prefer the cookie-cutter junk they hear on the radio.
The "Fronteiricos" are made of old metal filing-cabinet drawers filled with hardened wax, onto which the artist inserted cookie-cutter forms in corrugated metal foil, often shaped to the contours of the map of Brazil.
Thought you were getting a park like Klamath only to have Skatewave show up with a bunch o: over-priced cookie-cutter obstacles?
The big fish darts up for the kill--only to be bitten itself by the smaller predator called a cookie-cutter shark.
Nur Du is a string of visual one-liners about the American West, primarily California, ranging from Hollywood films to sushi take-out containers and hairdressers who give a string of beauties cookie-cutter dos.
This was not your standard cookie-cutter renovation," says General Manager, Laura Santoni-Pichardo.
It seems this (ATEAM) framework is based on a cookie-cutter design for someone who gets married in their 20s, which isn't realistic anymore .
A crisis ensues when Bruce decides to adopt a new gay son (played with exceptional poise by Haley Joel Osment), who disapproves not only of his brothers' bad behavior but of his father's job as architect of a very unattractive cookie-cutter subdivision of Brady Bunch-style houses in subtle rainbow colors.
In addition, Danish sources say that many dancers resented Schaufuss's insistence on cookie-cutter interpretations of dramatic works, the lack of subtlety in his productions, and his frequent failure to watch performances and rehearsals.