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a cooking utensil consisting of a flat rectangular metal sheet used for baking cookies or biscuits

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After removing each cookie sheet from the oven, let the biscuits set on the pan for a few minutes then transfer them to a cooling rack.
The Batter Crisps taste as if you were baking a cake and decided to forgo the pan and drip the batter right onto a cookie sheet.
Let sit on the cookie sheets for a few minutes to slightly harden, then transfer to a wire rack to completely cool.
Take the cookie sheet out of the oven and leave the cookies to cool for 20 minutes before removing from the sheet.
Spoon drops of the mixture onto parchment paper-covered or lightly greased cookie sheets.
When we had the jars filled, she turned on the oven to 200[degrees]F, and put the cookie sheet in, then put the filled jars on the cookie sheet.
Butter two small cookie sheets, because you'll be baking the cookies two at a time.
Remove from the cookie sheet immediately or they will stick.
Bake on the cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes until crisp but not brown.
Roll a mound of the dough between your hands to form a ball, flatten it a bit, and place it on a lined cookie sheet.
Pour half of the candy mixture onto each cookie sheet and quickly spread about 1/4-inch thick and cool.
With the palette knife, lift each cookie onto the greased cookie sheet.
I began with a cookie sheet which, on its own, is unacceptable for broiling.
on each piece of rolled-out dough on the cookie sheet.