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a cooking utensil consisting of a flat rectangular metal sheet used for baking cookies or biscuits

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Arrange the pieces of fabric on the cookie sheet, and when the wax mixture is fully melted, use the paintbrush to spread it evenly on the fabric.
Grease cookie sheets. Spoon out dough with a teaspoon.
On ungreased cookie sheet with vegetable softening and add parchment paper on top, place 20 slices cut sides down.
The Batter Crisps taste as if you were baking a cake and decided to forgo the pan and drip the batter right onto a cookie sheet."
Cut with a gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter and place on an ungreased cookie sheet. You can decorate it with raisins, chocolate chips or red candy.
Materials: pancake syrup * chocolate syrup * molasses * three small glasses or jars * three measuring tablespoons * cookie sheet * ruler * stack of books * stopwatch * baking dish filled about halfway with hot water Procedure: 1.
Space slightly apart on one prepared cookie sheet. Roll out the remaining dough and shape more hearts.
Place the cookie sheet in the middle of the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes until biscuits edges turn golden.
I cut each one from the stem to the bottom on each side, cored out the seeds and placed them upside down on a cookie sheet. I placed them in the oven and baked them until they were tender, (I have no idea how long and what temperature, because I cook with a Home Comfort half gas/half wood stove, the needle was between hot and very hot.) You just have to keep poking it with a knife to see it it's tender, then when it is done, you let it cool a bit then scrape out the squash, and place in bowl.
Cut out the circle from the bottom of the coffee filter and place it on the cookie sheet. (You'll arrange and glue your snowflake on top of it.)
Cut the firm meat into cubes, between 3/8-and 1/2-inches square, and then place the cubes on a cookie sheet, not touching each other.
Remove from heat and allow the cookies to stay on the cookie sheet for an additional 2 minutes.
then transfer tofu slices to a lightly oiled cookie sheet and roast
You can use it for grilling or flapjack-cooking on your stovetop, or in the oven as a pizza stone or cookie sheet, and get a uniform heat distribution.
What You Need: * 1 box Nilla Wafers * 1 jar creamy peanut butter * 1 bag colored candy melts * wooden popsicle sticks * sprinkles to decorate (optional) * cookie sheet lined with wax paper * 2 small bowls--1 microwave safe