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a kitchen utensil used to cut a sheet of cookie dough into desired shapes before baking

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I would love this cookie cutter so I can make my home state cookies and put them in the neighbors' Christmas baskets!
Smaller cookie cutters or narrow bottle tops can be used on cheese or ham slices that can be arranged on crackers or on top of rice.
The image looks very much like the outline of a cookie cutter. Imaging technology screening is safe for all travelers, and the technology meets all known national and international health and safety standards.
This is the third year R&M International is supporting PVA through its military-themed cookie cutter promotion, which features cutters shaped in the form of four military vehicles: a fighter jet, an aircraft carrier, a military truck and a tank.
4 Lift out the cookie cutter and hold it above the bowl for five seconds to allow any excess bleach to drain off.
Prior to his acquisition of the Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids franchise, Courtney was CEO of Famous Brands International, the parent company to such recognized brands as Mrs.
Supplies Needed: * 1-13.8-ounce tube refrigerated pizza dough * 1-8-ounce jar pizza sauce * 1-8-ounce package mozzarella cheese * 1-3-ounce package pepperoni * any dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters * 2 baking sheets * cutting board * rolling pin and tablespoon
Not a cookie cutter franchise; but a freedom-based franchise that encourages excellence and individuality, not to mention a spirit of fun and generosity.
Poushinky's debut album Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter. Using traditional cabaret musical structures and borrowing heavily from modern jazz, the songs on this initial solo offering are impressive.
Spray or wipe a cookie cutter with oil, and place it on a foil-covered cookie sheet.
Press a cookie cutter into the dough, then carefully lift it off.
Paisner belongs to the national Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, a group of approximately 650 men and women nationwide who share cookie-related information at meetings, conventions and through a quarterly newsletter, Cookie Crumbs.
Trace the stencil or cookie cutter design onto a piece of notebook paper.
batch of chilled sugar-cookie dough (go to for a recipe, or use the pre-made kind) * raspberry or strawberry jelly * plastic wrap * flour * rolling pin * large heart cookie cutter * small heart cookie cutter * greased cookie sheets
To serve the ceviche, use cucumber strips and a cookie cutter as a mold.