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a fire for cooking

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She sat among props she had fashioned to complete the early 19th-century portrait of a woman in an earthen lodge: a deerskin, a kettle on a simulated cookfire, a rake made from deer antlers, a buffalo skull.
One evening I was walking past their cookfire with the headman, and we saw they had caught some kinda big long-tailed rat-lookin' critter, and one of the guys was crouched, swingin' it by the tail and whacking it on the ground.
The simple clay stove burns twice as efficiently as traditional open cookfires, in turn reducing the time, risk, expense and deforestation involved in sourcing fuel.
And as soon as the men made camp beside the road, word seemed to spread as if by magic through the forest, and groups of local boys would appear out of nowhere to watch them set up their tents and make their cookfires for the evening.
And in Azerbaijan, Zoroastrian mystics discovered the thick, black water that burned and believed it was magic that fueled the smelly flames of torches and cookfires.