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a utensil for cooking

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Crock-Star Confessions will inspire our core slow cooker fans to reveal their favorite and most imaginative Crock-Pot[R] slow cooker recipes," says Matthew Ragland, Vice President of Marketing for the Crock-Pot[R] brand.
Pressure cookers are popular kitchen implements among the Mother Earth News staff.
The well-insulated box-type solar cooker bakes like an oven.
David and Conise Lockwood, of Mount, said other householders needed to be aware that their gas appliances will be inspected when an engineer calls to fit the new-style meters - and that an appliance such as gas fire, cooker or boiler could be "capped off " on the spot if it was deemed faulty.
Summary: Many rush to buy electric cookers while buildings' capacity to support them raises concerns
If the name "pressure cooker bomb" seems familiar, that is because this is not the first time such a design has been used to wreak havoc in America.
He said the method of cooking is also similar to that of conventional cooker.
With recent innovations with electric Aga cookers you can choose an Aga with more flexibility and lower running costs or go for the traditionally fuelled gas or oil models, and with oil prices on the decline an Aga range cooker has never been more attractive.
Put your feet up and let a slow cooker do all the work.
Slow Cooker: 500 Recipes packs over 400 color photos into a cookbook filled with soups, stews, and casseroles perfect for slow cooker winter preparations, and is especially recommended as a warm and welcoming introductory text to any new to slow cooker preparations.
But if you're looking for an inexpensive slow cooker that does exactly what it's meant to, this is ideal.
A FOOD waste recycling company has been fined PS660,000 after a worker died as he carried out repairs inside an industrial cooker.
With such a variety of options, it's hard to go wrong--and the only basic requirement is a ceramic cooker and an interest in unusual approaches to smoking and barbecue tastes.
Muscat: A group of students at the Caledonian College of Engineering have made a solar-powered cooker that can make enough biryani in just one hour to feed 100 people.
The first known solar cooker was made by a Swiss scientist called Horase de Suassure in 1767.