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Furthermore, while the "cooccurring" literature assumes a role for police intervention and documents operational problems of implementation, it is less concerned with the causes of these problems.
Mood disorders top the list of cooccurring mental health disorders (CODs).
The significant prevalence of more than one mental health disorders among children between the ages of 13 and 17 (Warner & Pottick, 2004) indicates the need for counselors to assess for and treat cooccurring disorders among this population.
For this reason, the context in which the teaching and learning process takes place needs to be considered for three main reasons (Edelsky 2006: 67): "(1) learning language in school (whether or not in a bilingual program) always happens in multiple cooccurring contexts; (2) each of these contexts has profound effects on writing inside the classroom; and (3) the contexts are complex in ways that may not be immediately obvious".
Sixteen percent of the screened patients identify as having a cooccurring gambling problem.
Word of this effect eventually led to establishment of a contract with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation for services to unemployed WPD with cooccurring depression.
Our broad survey of 14 commonly parasitized, cooccurring mammals and birds in a babesiosis-endemic zone showed variation in B.
The amber-colored eggs measure 2.4 to 2.7 mm dia, are easily distinguished from all other cooccurring eggs (Berry 1998; Benhke 2002), and hatch in 11 to 22 d in water temperatures 7 to 11[degrees]C (Berry 1998; Joynt and Sullivan 2003).
The term has been used loosely in the literature to imply either "coexisting" diseases or "cooccurring" diseases (Figure 1).
To account for toxicity due to cooccurring ENMs, one simplified approach could be to use reference values of exposure of single ENMs to target organ without assuming interaction with the other types of ENMs.
capitatum that occupy montane regions may be particularly likely to show local differentiation because these areas are very heterogeneous over short distances in both microclimate and cooccurring species (reviewed in Lomolino, 2001).
Chemical dependency patients with cooccurring psychiatric diagnoses: Service patterns and 1-year outcomes.
The distance between cooccurring voxels was always chosen to be 1 (any adjoining voxels).
Although the telomere length decrease is identified in diabetic or depressive patients, respectively, there is no research work reported in the population of cooccurring depression and diabetes till now.
From Figures 10(b) and 10(c), it is interesting to see that both the infrared and visible measurements can easily detect the outbreaks of dust in the areas of cloud and dust layers which are not cooccurring in the same atmospheric column.