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This group represents those terms that cooccur with the query term in annotation within both the species specific database and in annotation by UniProtKB for other species.
Gibbs and Matlock (2001), for instance, have shown how different senses of the English verb make cooccur with particular syntactic frames.
Of the taxa that geographically cooccur with filovirus disease occurrences (Tables 1-3), variable numbers have been tested (Appendix online; available from genera coinciding with filovirus disease occurrences, 26 (81.2%) of 32; genera coinciding with Marburg, 14 (40.0%) of 35; subfamilies coinciding with filovirus occurrences, 17 (70.8%) of 24; and subfamilies coinciding with Marburg occurrences, 2 (25%) of 8.
According to Van Valin and LaPolla (1997: 234), some of those syntactic patterns can cooccur with specific focus structure patterns, as is the case with WH-words in the precore slot (2) or clefting constructions; this can be illustrated by the following examples, where the constituents in focus appear in capital letters:
That is, t will tend to cooccur with all query terms within the top-ranked set.
Joseph Biederman, chief of the Joint Program in Pediatrics and Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital, depression, anxiety, conduct, and oppositional disorders are the most common disorders that cooccur with ADHD (Biederman, Jensen, & Wilens, 1995).
Overall, these results imply that this mutualism is structured geographically, such that each plant tends to cooccur with bacteria that confer particularly high mutualistic benefits to that plant.
Functional hallucinations are a form of perceptual disorder in which hallucinations are triggered by a stimulus in the same modality and cooccur with it [1].
DNMT3A mutations tend to cooccur with FLT3, TET2, or IDH1 in AML (Table 2).
There is also an interrogative mood suffix -sa that cooccurs with indicative person endings and does not cooccur with tense marking.
That is, in all three languages, the constructions are generally optional, they tend to cooccur with certain types of verbs, they tend to increase or decrease the sense of volitionality/control expressed by the main verbs with which they cooccur, and they all express aspects of speaker stance such as emphatic perspective, accidentality/uncontrollability, regret, relief pride, counterexpectations, and strong resolve.
Extensive cytogeographical studies, however, revealed that diploids are widely spread over large parts of central and western Europe where they generally cooccur with triploids (Den Nijs and Sterk 1980, 1984a,b; Den Nijs et al.
Third, bu can actually cooccur with a postverbal de phrase and perfective le, and this is not restricted to conditional clauses.
Furthermore, auxiliary verbs cooccur with pronominal elements referring to the external argument.
Li's analysis, in both (16a) and (16b) the embedded clauses will be defined as finite clauses because the matrix verbs are tell-type verbs, which subcategorize for a finite clause, and the embedded clauses have overt subjects, which can only occur in finite clauses, so guo should not cooccur with congqian across a finite-clause boundary.