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the sound made by a pigeon

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speak softly or lovingly

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cry softly, as of pigeons

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Some savvy entrepreneurs seek a COO even before the need arises, recognizing what their business lacks and how much an executive with a certain skill set can bring to the table.
The COO as second in command is a key figure when the challenges faced by the CEO are numerous and complex; the COO allowed the CEO to focus on the future by relieving them of much of the day-to-day.
This evolution is driven by the unique position of COOs in insurance companies.
Historically, The Conference Board says, the position of COO peaked during the 1970s, declined in the '80s, then revived again during the dot-com boom before waning in the new century.
My hope would be that a COO would help keep the organization energized, on a day-to-day, tactical basis.
Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad or printed out) to update how you do your year-end reviews and implement best practices and strategies found to be most successful by other leading COOs.
They point out that some CEOs prefer operational unit heads as direct reports; that way the CEO does not lose touch with the business, thus minimizing the need for a COO.
In 2001, in a rare grab outside the vast executive ranks of the company, Daft reached into Time Warner to pluck Steven Heyer, who was president and COO of the Turner Broadcasting unit.
Michael Dolan (New York City Chapter) was promoted to President and COO of Young & Rubicam Inc.
In How to Become an Expert Communicator as a COO, ExecSense examines specific, easy-to-implement ways for a COO to become a better leader by delegating more efficiently, learning when to listen, and how to manage different personalities more effectively.
These executives are COO of Transportation, Central and Local Government, David Amoriell; COO of European Services, Thomas Blodgett; COO of State Government, David Bywater; COO of Commercial Services, Connie Harvey; COO of Information Technology Outsourcing, Kevin Kyser; and COO of Enterprise Business Process Outsourcing, Ann Vezina.
Readers scanning the list of the" Business Leadership Team" at Microsoft, for example, will see 30 names and titles--beginning with Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates--but nary a COO among them.
com/research/c4d910/updating_improvi) has announced the addition of the "Updating & Improving COO and Operations Team Compensation & Bonus Structures for 2011" audioconference to their offering.
Cahill, who is currently president and COO of the $7.