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curl, wind, or twist together

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In order to perform edge detection with the Roberts operator initially it is necessary to convolve the original image, with the following two kernels [11], [17]:
"THE PROCESS IS LIKE WRITING A NOVEL": This is how the Chinese artist Yan Xing describes his work and the disparate elements--sculpture, video, photography, performance, and an array of art-historical reference points--that he subtly convolves. Writing has long been part of his wider practice: He is also a prolific blogger.
This controller was designed by implementing the input shaping theory which convolves the reference command with a sequence of impulses.
If the bytecode for a method convolves integer types in a way that causes a larger integer value to be used in a context expecting a smaller integer, then applying the solution will also introduce narrowing conversions for small integers.
Template matching or matched filtering convolves the image with a kernel that contains a pattern recognition to determine which parts of an image are most likely to contain targets.