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curl, wind, or twist together

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The block convolves the input matrix with the Sobel, Prewitt, or Roberts kernel, and outputs two gradient components of the image, which are the result of this convolution operation.
Convolve every group of 3-D reflectivity map with the processed point using 3-D FFT to obtain E([k.
Most of iris biometric methods convolve the transformed image with 2-dimensional filters designed to extract unique iris texture patterns.
To find the polynomial coefficients of the product fq, we could convolve the coefficients of q with those of f.
The first algorithm is used to convolve the mask to the input image for all coordinate points of the image.
A former employee of Seagate Technology claims that the company destroyed evidence that could have affected a long-standing patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by engineering company Convolve Inc.
15) On November 6, 2001, a third patent was issued to Convolve (the "'473 patent") on its "Quick and Quiet" technology--a computer control panel application permitting users to choose between the fastest or the quietest performance for a system's disk drives.
Since the convolution operation is associative, we can convolve the Gaussian smoothing filter with the Laplacian filter first of all, and then convolve this hybrid filter with the image to achieve the required result.
If we convolve different gamma distributions and take limits, as Thorin did, we get a class of infinitely divisible distributions with mgf of the form (with t instead of [lambda])
In a powerful and moving epilogue of his own, Weimann opens up the book to issues involving contemporary literary and performance theory: he clearly wants to "revitalize a legacy" of doubleness that is not hopelessly divided between text and performance in a "traditional" sense or between signifier and the world in a "deconstrucrionist" sense: "The rupture cannot be denied; and yet there is a linkage behind the dislinkage allowing for separate and sometimes incompatible practices to convolve and communicate" (248).