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Synonyms for convoluted

Synonyms for convoluted

rolled longitudinally upon itself


highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious

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The diameter of the proximal convoluted tubule and its opening, size of epithelian cell and its nuclear have no significant changes comparing to the control (see Table 1).
In table 2, the general effect of varying the convolute design parameters will give a designer an understanding of the range of variables to adjust to achieve the balance of performance desired in a convoluted bellows for a wide variety of applications.
The gel layer is covered by a 1" convoluted high-strength therapeutic foam pad.
Many of their answers reveal that there are more convoluted Kerrys out there than I had realized.
The former has been adopted by injection press builder Engel Austria GmbH to make convoluted handles for a machine-protection grid.
Extruded TFE Tubing is offered in standard and custom TFE, FEP, and PFA formulations in plain and highly flexible corrugated and convoluted (screw thread) styles with plain or cuffed ends.
If Stanford is correct, then the time line of human development dramatically changes, and our ancestry becomes more convoluted than the linear apes-to-hominids-to-humans pathway that's usually sketched by anthropologists.
Only zealots of the welfare state--having cooked up a Medicare stew with 110,000 pages of regulations and 4,000 pricing systems--would have the nerve to suggest that the real recipe for success would be a more convoluted government jambalaya.
Most of the chapters are structured around the convoluted histories of what Hunt terms "signifying objects," that is the things such as crocodiles, airplanes, bicycles and forceps that emerge as central, remembered terms of the period.
Indigestible: Main message buried, organization nonexistent or inconsistent, style convoluted
Automotive OEMs are coping with rising under-the-hood temperatures with helically convoluted Teflon PFA tubing to shield wiring from heat.
Newman Corporation supplies Extruded Teflon(r) tubing in plain, corrugated and convoluted styles for a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications requiring a chemically inert and nonflammable material.
The cells were characterized by moderate amounts of amphophilic cytoplasm, irregular and convoluted nuclei, and distinct nucleoli (figure 4).
It's much easier to ask our search engine a simple question like 'find me an Oracle network administrator' than it is to use some convoluted Boolean search method.