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Synonyms for convolute

curl, wind, or twist together


practice sophistry

rolled longitudinally upon itself


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General-deburring wheels--hard density, fine-grit convolute wheels that provide an excellent value for edge deburring performance.
The cylindrical worm having the flanks as helical surfaces of a convolute helicoid of the second specie has the property that in the normal section on the reference medium helix of the tooth or of the tooth space.
In table 2, the general effect of varying the convolute design parameters will give a designer an understanding of the range of variables to adjust to achieve the balance of performance desired in a convoluted bellows for a wide variety of applications.
Single-wrap convolute canisters are made in the traditional round shape (Ultrakan[R]) and also can be custom-formed (Vektor[TM]) packages that offer the billboard facings of a rectangular box with the attractive visual attributes of round canisters.
In blow molding of convolutes, the parison should be sized as close as possible to the convolute root diameter.
It also reduces the "edge chatter" noise made by the edges of slit convolute, and can be quickly and easily opened at any juncture to accommodate wire breakouts.
My favorite work in this miniretrospective of mostly late sculpture was a relatively early piece, Convolute, 1944.
These pragmatic competitions reach beyond the marketing hype that seems to convolute the evaluation process," said John Bodrozic, MPS president and co-founder.