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Synonyms for convoke

Synonyms for convoke

call together


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Correa used the referendum to open the way for convoking the 2007 constituent assembly and later to approve the 2008 Constitution, a document considered progressive with strong guarantees for human rights and the rights of nature.
He drew the attention to the fact that the Saudi Cultural Days in Ishqabad coincides with the convoking of the first round of the Saudi Turkmenistan Joint Committee in Riyadh.
However, Veljanoski, before convoking the session, will have to gather party representatives at Monday's coordination, something he failed to do last week because of the great disagreements between the government and opposition.
5, 2005, while simultaneously convoking a Constitutional Assembly to redefine the country's political system.
Pope John XXIII, having announced the convoking of an ecumenical council in January 1959, would the following year name Hurley a member of the Central Preparatory Commission.
Basch examines Maximilian's efforts to rally popular support, such as convoking a new Congress that properly represented all Mexicans, and contends that his decision to remain need not have proved fateful.
If anything good carne of those sad happenings it was that in convoking the faithful at the Palacio de Oriente to counter the demonstrations against the executions in Paris and elsewhere, Franco caught the cold that weakened him and eventually did him in.
His initiatives include the convoking of a provincial council in 1607 and the establishment of a seminary.
In convoking an archdiocesan synod for Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony promulgated a pastoral letter on ministry last year ago.
After a trip to the dictionary reveals that the French word for "work" derives from an ancient torture device, Rak decides to create a business by convoking prospective employees to a local care for job interviews as salesmen for a musical encyclopedia that doesn't exist.
s research shows itself in two chapters that plough through a huge array of post-Vatican I treatises and De Ecclesia manuals studying what they say about questions like the papal role in convoking and confirming councils, and noting how few took newer historical research into account.