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Synonyms for convivial


Synonyms for convivial

liking company

characterized by joyful exuberance

spent, marked by, or enjoyed in the company of others

Synonyms for convivial

occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company


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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, cafeteria derives from the idea of a coffeehouse, in which people gather convivially to take food and drink together, an old notion that speaks to moderns.
In a minute the carpenter, Burl or Allen, looked up and saw me and then, convivially, he motioned for me to come in, like a host, indicating the tattered breakfast.
Her husband dropped her off on occasion on his way to the university library, and he would get convivially baked before work, but then check the rolling brown and beige beads of the seat cover for seeds in a minor paranoiac attack.
There are instances in Newfoundland's history when its neighbour to the west has acted less than convivially, but "Canada's plan to torch St.
Over the next years, Bob; his grad assistants such as Stuart, John Hodgson, Carl Boehm, and various others; and I met regularly and convivially at Bob's to deal with the complications that arose from the changes to JFA.
Some leading figures in Scottish high culture met convivially in Ambrose's Edinburgh Tavern.
Echoes of Woolf, Bell, Keynes, and Strachey will probably not follow the conference from London to Zurich, but the premise of the importance of convivially sharing information certainly will.
He was quickly introduced to Ben, then the two toddlers gurgled convivially at one another before swapping toys.
THESSALONIKI, Greece Onscreen the relationships may be dysfunctional, but South Korean pic "Family Ties" was convivially received at the 47th Thessaloniki Film Festival, taking home the Golden Alexander.
They would have treated convivially segregated groups of men and women to the narrative preparation and backing that finale-songs all call for.
They would be clearly communing across the field, looking at each other, swinging their trunks convivially and swaying with eloquent body language, until after a minute or so the session ended with a strain of sound finally edging up into a low-pitched groan.
The folk memory and wisdom were transmitted by the elders to the younger generations by means of stories, recitations and songs, often done convivially around an evening fire outside village dwellings.
A depressed polyp shudders alone in the rain, while normal polyps chat convivially in a group.
On a brilliant Sunday morning, a dozen well-dressed adults belly up to a long bar and chat convivially as clean-cut servers hustle to keep their glasses damp.
Freedom to escape means being able to go beyond the conventional means of mediation and to interact more directly, more convivially, with others.