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Synonyms for convincible

being susceptible to persuasion

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It can be seen in Figure 19 that the resistive losses at time t<0 are negligible, which is convincible, since zero torque leads to zero current.
However, the results of regression models can, to a certain extent, give some convincible explanations to the questions we raised, but not all questions of economic effects can be answered by these explanations.
Studies from Paas and Van Merrienboer (1994) indicate that subjective techniques are convincible, interference-free, and sensitive to tiny differences.
On knowing how to be a convincible gang member the actor said, "I spent time with former gang members, active gang members, interviewing them, speaking with them, spending time with them.
Therefore, it is convincible that those involved in the industry may be best suited to identify the greatest safety risks.
MPs said the answers of the government to questions about deepening crises including acute fuel shortages, repeated power outages everyday and security concerns were not convincible and did not make sense.
I'm convincible, but so far I'm not aware of any evidence to back that up.