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Synonyms for convince

Synonyms for convince

to cause (another) to believe or feel sure about something

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

Synonyms for convince

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

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It is a qualitative technique for analysis that serves the purpose of apprehension of the system of norms, through the convincement that is implicit in the mass media discourse, such as in publicity or advertisement (13).
In that case it means how to involve them (functional, convincement, informative), conceptional requirements, functional requirements etc.
The researcher belongs this to perceiving and convincement of the research sample of the importance of availability of all information about the recreational institutes sharing in supporting the process of decision making, also the financial and non financial reports should be characterized by transparency and the necessity of committee of internal audition to audit all measures that are performed by different branch administrations an also declaring all policies concerning rewards and wages of different administrative levels in the institute.
Al-Iraqiya Coalition has reached a convincement that the State of Law Coalition had been fooling the political forces and trying to keep its authority, away from the participation of other political forces in the authority," Mutlaq said.
So, this is a story about inspiration and convincement leading to
The longing is for someone to summon us together in the public square with deft argument, assembled evidence, and the sincere convincement to offer us a workable vision.
Areopagitica, "the closest Milton ever came to systematic ecclesiology in his early prose," presents his vision of the nation inhabited by prophets "reading, trying all things, [and] assenting to the force of reason and convincement," and depicts "Christian liberty as a textual activity in which 'considerat builders' construct the 'spiritual architecture' of the church in 'free writing and free speaking'" (17-19).