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Synonyms for convince

Synonyms for convince

to cause (another) to believe or feel sure about something

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

Synonyms for convince

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

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Sources further said two days back Interior Minister Rehman Malik also made his effort to convince the angry leadership of ANP during meeting with Senator Zahid Khan; however, his effort also went in vain.
A starship crew travels the galaxy to convince other planets to outsource their services to England in the sci-fi sitcom ``Hyperdrive,'' tonight on BBC America.
I wanted to bring home a hustler, just like Debra did, and convince my family we were heading to Boston for a big fat clambake gay wedding.
Like inexperienced defense attorneys whose clients (estimates) may be sitting in jail, your estimates may be doomed by a failure to provide a strong defense to convince the judge (decision makers) to "free" their client.
There are only 50 supermarket players that we have to convince in the U.
Get actively involved to help our industry continue to get better, and help convince other leaders that we need an association like PIMA; industry leaders who work together to evaluate, sort, and develop training that will be known by the industry as the place to go to get quality leadership training that will get results for the industry.
This study investigates reasoning about public policy issues using Convince Me, a computer environment that supports argumentation (Diehl, 2001; Diehl, Ranney, & Shank, 2001; Schank, Ranney, & Hoadley, 1999; Schank, Ranney, Hoadley, Diehl, & Neff, 1994; Siegel & Ranney, in press; Weidner, Ranney, & Steinbach, 1998).
Throughout, Collins' analyses of cultural artifacts, though not always easy reading, convince the reader that the Soledades, if not directly influenced by each and every one of the literary and social phenomena she mentions, at the very least is an artifact of the same enigmatic type as many others which were favored by the elite, courtly intellectual culture of seventeenth-century Spain.
Can we convince office workers to share printers, use flat screens or wear jumpers in the winter and tee-shirts in the summer?
The bank pays Arias Motors in 24 hours, so Melo has worked hard with the company's 37 sales agents to convince its 2,000 clients to switch to the new system.
MATTHEW UPSON has completed a pounds 3million move to Birmingham City - afterArsene Wenger failed to convince him he had a future at Arsenal.
Although I was convinced this would be a major success among brokers, I still had to convince them and their sales reps, and getting their attention is not often very easy," said Harari.
The other way is to convince you that you've already won.
These rides take you on a fantastical journey and convince you that what's imaginary is totally real.
Given a record of real growth rates of close to 10 percent per annum over an extended period of time, it is not surprising that it has been difficult to convince anyone that the economic system practiced in East Asia could not continue to produce positive results indefinitely.