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Synonyms for convince

Synonyms for convince

to cause (another) to believe or feel sure about something

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

Synonyms for convince

make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something

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Juventus are now considered the favourites to land De Ligt, but Barcelona will be hoping Pique was able to work some magic to convince him to have a late change of heart.
While none of the Filipino nurses accepted the embassy's offer, Cato said the embassy 'will not give up and will continue to convince Filipinos to go home just to make sure they are out of harm's way before fighting reaches the capital,' the DFA added.
Of course, he may still be able to convince the women to stay silent again, but how long they'll keep staying that way remains to be seen.
Officials say authorities were persistently trying to approach and convince parents who had barred health workers to administer the drops to their children.
'Convince allowance is our legal right but the account officer negates our lawful demand that is equallent to deny the services, they have been rendered', teachers regretted.
Talking to reporter, she said, 'Door-to-door visits to convince voters are actually an inexpensive and effective way to communicate directly to the voters, listening their woes and forming a sort of affiliation with them'.
Charity convinces Cain they should drop the feud, but when they do visit Debbie, they are stunned to find her looking very cosy with her ex.
Haifa should take her acting career more serious, because if she was able to convince 25% that she is a good singer, she was able to convince 80% that she is a great actress from just one film.
I know it's okay to be bisexual or gay, but when I try to convince myself I am bisexual, the feelings go away, and when I try to convince myself that I like boys, I have feelings for boys and girls.
"That's all it took," says Leitch, "that bit of testing to convince them.
Backed by a newfound local concern over global warming, she's campaigning to convince other nearby plants to slash emissions.
Pensions Secretary David Blunkett must do much more to convince them, says the influential think-tank, which advocates a retirement age hike to 67 in its report.
The double feature that night was two movies about dating: Hitch, in which Will Smith coaches schlubby guys (most prominently Kevin James) to win the hearts and minds of supermodels (in this case, Amber Valletta), and The Wedding Date, in which Debra Messing hires a male escort (who only escorts women) to fly with her to London and convince her family that, though publicly jilted by a previous boyfriend, she has been able to land a prince of a guy, and in record time.
As a demolition estimator you must convince the judge (those approving the estimate) that you have presented a "bulletproof" defense for your estimate.