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Synonyms for convict

find guilty


Synonyms for convict

a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison

a person who has been convicted of a criminal offense

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88) As shown above, the law has adapted to make conspiracy a convictable crime.
s state of mind satisfied the mens rea or mental element required of anyone convictable of a homicide offense.
Here are what are essentially people convictable for a felony suing the city of Glendale because the city does not want these illegals intimidating its citizens when they try to visit their local hardware stores and building supply businesses.
No civilized nation confronting serious danger has ever relied exclusively on criminal convictions for past offenses," Dershowitz writes, noting that every country has applied administrative or preventive detention to those "who are thought to be dangerous but who might not be convictable under conventional criminal law" (quoted in Taylor 2002).
For reasons explained below, I prefer to have the government make the more difficult choice and equate Takings Clause property with criminally convictable property.
His name would be put on a list of people known to frequent areas used by prostitutes after a second convictable offence.