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Synonyms for convey

Synonyms for convey

to cause to come along with oneself

to move while supporting

to cause to be transferred from one to another

to serve as a conduit

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

Synonyms for convey

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At the show, the dryer will be fitted with the compact, self-contained MedLine TubeLoader, featuring a built-in vacuum motor able to convey 150 lb/hr nearly 20 ft.
A handwritten card conveys a lot and has a strong personal touch to it," she said.
In Avigdor Arikha's ink drawing View from the Meridien, 1998, the unmarked texture of paper conveys the open space of the sky.
Second, Lane's book accessibly conveys the heritage and continuing vitality of desert and apophatic, or via negativa, spirituality - no small achievement.
It seems to me this conveys with terrible clarity that Saddam Hussein and the leaders of our government have much in common: They are both visiting death and suffering on the people of Iraq.
Poor eye contact also conveys an inability to face the jury and can negate powerful substantive testimony.
Any appropriate use of sign language conveys an additional message to a deaf person who relies on it for understanding - the willingness and desire to communicate.
The operating temperature of your conveying system should be low to begin with--at the source: The air stream that conveys materials, whether positive pressure or vacuum blower systems (or both).
In Thriller, 2002, the girl's frozen expression of anticipation as the older man's hand lingers on the door to her room follows a classic cinematic suspense strategy, but the contrast of this fear with her subsequent run through the forest also conveys her initiation into self-awareness.
The rotating screw conveys the rubber compound into the cavity formed by the screw flight, the internally geared wheel and the planet wheel.
Rule of thumb: On systems that convey material from one source to multiple receivers via a common material line; If only one receiver in the system conveys correctly, the problem is probably at THAT receiver.
Instead, he conveys those rare moments when the intimate relationship between ostensibly hermetic, resolutely private space and socially shared space becomes evident (if never entirely self-evident)--when they spontaneously reach a state of equilibrium and become emotionally equivalent.
It's said to be a simple system that conveys and cleans regrind in one step.
Conveys vertically up to 40 fl and horizontally up to 80 ft.
Model 100 system conveys injection molded parts 50-75 ft and can be used to convey scrap (necks, tails, rejects) to grinder.