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a person who conveys (carries or transmits)


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Supreme's Monorail and Radial Stacking Conveyors have been designed around storage space efficiency.
Plantz adds, "Conveyor downtime has pretty much been eliminated by using DynaCon conveyors." Elimination of conveyor downtime furthers Currier's goal to reduce customer costs without compromising part quality.
Conveyor systems with all-belt conveying surfaces accommodate poly bags for e-fulfillment operations.
Multi-Conveyor has successfully produced standard and custom conveyor solutions for End-Users, Integrators, Engineering firms, OEM's and Contract Packagers across multiple markets and industries for over two decades.
Astec Conveyors can provide bespoke design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems to meet individual handling requirements for light, medium or heavy duty applications.
Part side transfer -- If a part cannot be transferred off the end of a conveyor, the alternative method is to transfer it off the side to an adjoining parallel conveyor.
Finally, conveyor servicing and maintenance should also have clear written policies in effect.
As conveyor specialists, suppliers not only need to have an in-depth knowledge of their own equipment, but also the broader scope since, on rare occasions, we have to be in a position to know when an application is beyond our capabilities and when we have to suggest a solution outside of our scope.
Misuse and not following procedures are common causes of conveyor related accidents, so anyone who works on, near or around them must undergo rigorous training.
Experienced Hustler Conveyor engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) to take a project from concept to reality.
Beltservice is among North America's largest wholesalers and fabricators of conveyor belts with over 300 specifications in stock at five U.S.
Conveyor Dynamics Corp, 7000 W Geneva Drive, St Peters, MO, 63376-5712 tel: 636/279-1111 fax: 636/279-1121#
Conveyor Technologies has introduced an "open side" low-profile conveyor that is said to provide the fastest belt change in the industry--two minutes or less on small to medium-size conveyors.
The new company will be co-established by Yokohama Rubber (China), the company's holding company in China, and Shandong Yuema Rubber Belt, a Chinese conveyor-belt manufacturer, will manufacture and sell conveyor belt products under the brand of Yokohama Rubber.