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Under the contract, Convex Group has appointed WNS as its long-term strategic partner to build a first-of-its-kind, integrated, 'Platform + BPM as-a-service' proposition across industry horizontals (including support services relating to Operations for Insurance, Reinsurance, Claims, Finance and HR).
The capital comes from the Convex management team, private equity firm Onex Partners, Canadian pension fund PSP Investments and a consortium of co-investors.
Convex launches with $1.8 billion of initial committed capital and will draw down $1.6 billion to commence business; it will have access to further capital as the business expands.
The company said it has expanded its SenSura Mio ostomy range with the new, innovative, first-of-its-kind SenSura Mio Convex Flip ostomy product.
(ii) [P.sub.1(0,b)] has a convex solution for each [beta] < 0 and each [member of] [member of] [[[epsilon].sup.*], -1).
Let the functions [h.sub.1] [member of] A' and [h.sub.2] [member of] A' be so that [h.sub.1] * [h.sub.2] is convex in E.
Consider a convex set I [subset or equal to] R and a bifunction [eta] : f(I) x f(I) [right arrow] R.
A function f : I [subset not equal to] R [right arrow] R is said to be convex function if
* Using a fabric glue pen, apply the glue along the convex edge in short strokes to prevent the bias edge from stretching.
They attach to a variety of microscope systems and feature designs made up of an achromatic doublet and a single plano-convex lens, where both convex surfaces face one another.
This article shows that the increasing convex order from the mathematical statistics literature can be used to frame such trade-offs.
Let CC (X) ={A [] X : A is a non-empty compact convex subset of X}, WCC (X) ={A [] X : A is a non-empty weakly compact, convex subset of X} and BCC (X) ={A [] X : A is a non-empty bounded, closed, convex subset of X}: Then (CC (X); h) ; (WCC (X); h) and (BCC (X); h) are known as the hyperspaces over the underlying space (X; ||*||).
Our aim in this review is to collect the basic properties of our multimap classes and some mutual relations among them in general topological spaces or our abstract convex spaces.
Aset C [subset] E is called convex if [gamma]([0, 1]) [subset] C for each geodesic [gamma]: [0, 1] [right arrow] C joining [gamma](0), [gamma](1) [member of] C.